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 “Nifty Fifty” and “Naughty Forty” deals

Ask about our nifty fifty and naughty forty deals but don’t ask about our dirty thirtys! They are designed and there for your benefit. So get with the programme. Whatever it is, we’re better than Nurofen and we’ll do the heavy lifting and take your moving headache away. So you plan your move and take full advantage. We will move several items over a short distance or alternatively very large items over longer distances. Plenty of client’s have cottoned on and use us to do the heavy lifting, whilst they are happy to move all the smalls themselves. And they save a fortune doing it that way.

We move complete homes from £195

Some clients prefer for us to do the whole house removal for you. If you can pack everything up yourselves and we have good access both ends. Typically a two or three bedroom dwelling that has been boxed and packed up ready. Can be completed in two or three hours. That’s why, we frequently complete full house removals for as little as £195. And we complete hundreds of house removals each year. Our motto is “eliminate risk” so we have never had occasion to make a claim and out of professional pride, we don’t intend to! Though we are fully insured so you can rest assured. So please read our recommendations and then decide.

Were better than Nurofen, let us do the heavy lifting and take your moving headache away!

You may be moving locally, so just use us to take the items that won’t go in your car. Have us take the beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, sofa’s, 3 piece suites, tables and chairs, fridges, freezers, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers, kitchen units and worktops, even carpets. Whatever you need to move? We’re better than Nurofen, let us take your moving head ache away.

Express delivery

Some people may be in a rush to get something home. Perhaps you’ve bought an item of furniture online from eBay or gumtree etc. Or alternatively, if you’ve bought ex display furniture from a department store, like Next or Marks and Spencers. If the company you are buying it from can deliver it. But can’t do it straight away or at a time that suits you. Maybe a friend or relative has given you a piece of furniture or anything that’s just too big for you to move. Then just call us on 078 55 55 55 44

We're better than Nurofen, let us do the heavy lifting and take your moving headaches away

  • Free quotations and on site consultation for bigger jobs
  • No deposit required and we don’t charge a cancellation fee
  • Full house moves, we regularly move complete homes from £195
  • GIT & public liability, so you can rest assured, were fully insured
  • We are your local service, as well as your nationwide movers
  • Packaging – we supply and we have our team of lady packers
  • We are prompt, professional, polite & we know what were doing
  • Our team of ladies will complete your “End of Tenancy” cleans
  • Storage – We have preferential rates with storage companies
  • Our deals – ask about our “Nifty Fiftys” and “Naughty Fortys”
  • Piano & safe moves – Difficult access and out of hours moves
  • 60% our work is regulars, repeats, referrals or recommendations