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End of tenancy cleaning

Due to our experience and expertise, we realised the need for an efficient and excellent cleaning team. So we have assembled a great team of staff. This includes a small team of lady packers and cleaners. They know exactly what to expect and are used to working in this high energy, fast pace environment. Fitting in seamlessly with their male counterparts, pre-empting where they need to be and knowing whats going to happen next. So as rooms become empty, they will be ready to move in and get things sorted, in quick time.

Our cleaning ladies work in unison with our moving men

We will have already identified where time needs to be spent and prioritised those areas. Which invariably are cookers, kitchens and bathrooms and our men. Will work in unison with the cleaning plan. So whilst our ladies are cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, our men will be loading the bedrooms. Then once the bedrooms are clear, the ladies move in and work their magic. That way we aim to all finish around the same time.

Cleaning to deliver complete client satisfaction

Like the rest of the team, the girls know the ethos of a man with vans. And everyone pulls together to deliver the complete client satisfaction experience, that is our goal. Affording you the client even enough time to take stock and enjoy your cup of tea!

We can also do the cleaning at the other end

We can also clean the new house when required too! And indeed, we got so popular, we undertook regular cleaning work for some clients. Yes unfortunately, there are some people in our society, that don’t feel the need to clean up when they a vacating their old premises. So we have on the odd occasion had the need to get our ladies in at short notice. And give the new place a thorough going over before we can unload our clients possessions.

Call: 078 55 55 55 44 if you require our packing and cleaning services

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Up until 2014 most of our work came from the four R’s. That means that over sixty percent of our clients came via a recommendation, a referral, they were repeat customers or regular users. These days, that’s no longer the case, of course we still hear from our previous clients and work for them. But now it’s different as more of us are getting tech savvy, so when we need something or some services, we end up reading reviews and that means the majority of our new clients are finding us because of our reviews.

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