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Handy hints for a clear plan and smooth house move

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Preparation is the key

Our handy hints for house removals page is here to help you, just like a man with vans. We have compiled our hints and checklist which can be downloaded  as a PDF below.

House moving is a big undertaking and lack of proper planning will make things unnecessarily stressful. So here are some handy hints to make your move smooth.

Finding a reputable house removals firm – You’ve already found us!

Do the research and read the reviews pages, ask around for recommendations, that’s the best way. Then when you start to ring around a few furniture removals companies that you like the look of. Be sure to ask the questions about – staff, vehicles, insurance. Also be sure to ask a few questions about their experience. Then if they have answered your questions correctly and you feel reassured, only then is the time to get some quotations.

Planning and preparation is the key to success and you cannot start too soon. Fail to prepare and you will be preparing to fail. So a plan of attack is needed for a successful house move. You must confirm that the new premises are ready for you to move into. Before you vacate your current premises.

Take an Inventory, ideally you should take an inventory of the furniture, furnishings, electrical equipment. The supplies that are going to your new home and where they will be situated. A lot of complicated things can be sorted out with ease with forward planning and a little management. Separate the things that are required in the new home or office and the things that must be left behind.

Make a tick list

Make a priority list, indeed print off our handy hints leaflet below and use the reverse to keep your check list. A list of priorities for unpacking and rearranging. Things at your new home or office, will help us and your friends and family divide up the work.

Arranging furniture in a new home or office is not a one-person show. You can direct them on the right rooms where the relevant furniture and boxes should be placed. Once again, you can draw on the back of your handy hints leaflet, keeping all the detail in one place. Even make a layout plan for the living room and the bedroom, so that the furniture can be placed in the right location first time.

Don’t move stuff twice

Dispose off unwanted items. You will probably have things you just don’t use or need anymore. Or that aren’t suited for the new home or office. After determining the items that are no longer required. Sell them on eBay, gumtree or place a post card in a shop window. Or take them to a recycling centre. As moving light is always good and moving fewer things means that you have to pack fewer boxes. Which consequently leads to reducing the removal costs.

Packing, unpacking and the placing of the boxes

You can pack and box up items that are not used everyday well in advance of your move date. When boxing up items, use a marker pen to detail where the box is going. Where it’s designated for i.e. office, main bedroom, kitchen, garage or storage. Don’t open all the boxes at once or in a single day, as it will lead to a mess. The things should be unwrapped on the basis of their priority in the home or office.

Dis-assembling & Reassembly – Arrange in advance for the large pieces of furniture like – beds, tables, desks. Washing machines and cookers to be disconnected. Other items may need to be disassembled and re-assembled by the removals company or a capable helper. Confirm they have the tools such as allen keys, pipe grips and electric screwdrivers. As this task is time consuming and your attention will be needed to oversee the entire move. Keep together parts, screws, bolts, hinges etc, they can be bagged and taped to the relevant piece of furniture.

On the move day

1 Make some provision to allow for the removals vehicle/s parking and access to load. Not everyone has traffic cones, so a couple or three strategically placed cars (yours and your neighbours).

2  Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and on at all times.

3  Make sure you put things aside while your furniture is in transit, such as your wallet, your mobile phone and it’s charger, your keys, etc.

4 Keep some internet access close at hand, be it your phone, a tablet or a laptop, you just need to access things.

5 Keep them in one place, ideally the kitchen worktop or desk if you are on site for the duration of the packing and loading your possessions. Or put them in your car while the removals company are on site. So they don’t get mixed up with the items to be moved.

6 It is important to remember that there are many variables that can affect your delivery times. Events and access issues such as accidents, road closures, the other movers items being larger or more difficult than planned, can slow down a delivery regardless of what company you choose.  So you might need to keep some warm clothes or waterproof jacket, in case there is a unexpected delay.

7 Don’t forget to check the gas, electricity and water meter readings and do the same at your new place. Make sure you have redirected the mail or leave a forwarding address. If necessary cancel the milk and the papers and settle the bills.

At the new place – Know where the kettle is

The kitchen should be the first place to start unpacking – Unpack the essentials first and leave the things that are not required on a daily basis. You cannot perform anything that needs strength and energy, with an empty stomach. Your family members ought to feel appetite after a long and tiresome journey. Kitchenware and electric appliances, like toaster and oven are the first things that need to be unwrapped. You can easily locate what you need, if proper marking and labelling is done while packing,

Take regular breaks & remember Rome wasn’t built in a day – stop for a tea/coffee or cold drink and a bite to eat. Time flies by when you’re in the thick of it. So it’s good to feed the troops and take time out to regroup and look at what needs to be done next. Remember, that the task of unpacking is not a one-day process, so don’t hesitate to postpone remaining tasks for the next day.

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