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house clearance

A completely different clearance service

As an established Cardiff house clearance and office clearance company.  A Man with Vans Cardiff has developed our specialist service and have the right people and facilities. Our in house packers, porters and lady cleaners. So after we have cleared the premises our team of cleaners can clean. The house, office or flat ready for occupation or the sales and rental markets. It’s our links with auction houses, specialist outlets, shabby chic artisans, second hand dealers. That ensures the best deal for you. Once we have delivered the items to the relevant outlets. All of the proceeds (less sellers commission) from everything that is sold is returned to you.

A man with vans Cardiff has worked with lots of local charities and we regularly make donations to lots of shops. So we’ll deliver your items to charities for recycling back into the community. Wherever and whenever as much as possible we endeavour to avoid disposal.

a completely different house clearance company

Do you know the value of the items left at the home or office?

The property where these plates came from hadn’t been lived in for years. The family instructed us on a recommendation from another part of the country. Although it was given a cursory viewing that appeared rooms cluttered and furniture covered in bags and boxes. It turned out to be a treasure chest of finds. This particular clearance revealed thirty something collectors plates, dinner services, cases of cutlery, many pieces of art deco bedroom furniture.

As we our team of porters clear the upstairs our packers and cleaners work downstairs sorting through the smalls. We’re very efficient and carry out our work with care and understanding. We will catalogue, wrap and put items into an auction house of your choice. Then after the sale, the auctioneer pays you directly.

We undertook the clearance and completed everything within 72hrs of being called. The family ended up with a house that was cleared, cleaned and polished till it sparkled with a considerable amount of money from the proceeds and a house that was sold within a week.

house clearance
house clearance
house clearance
house clearance
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A unique Cardiff house clearance service

A Man with Vans Cardiff house clearance and office clearance work is carried out. On behalf of indiviuals, families, companies, solicitors, estate agents, letting agents, private landlords, housing accosiations, charities and local authorities.  Whenever necessary, we are there to help family members. Sort through and lessen the difficult tasks, which occur at this time. If the former owners or tenants for whatever reason were unable to manage the dwelling. Our team understand and will sort matters with discretion. Where possible, up cycling or recycling as many items as we can.

We’ll find a home where ever possible

Our team of men will remove all furniture, electrical’s and other items deemed saleable first. Whilst our lady packers will identify valuables, ceramics, glassware, paintings and objet d’art. For your perusal or onward sale at auction. We will use several established outlets. After that all remaining items will be recycled and up-cycled. And what’s left will be responsibly disposed of. All of which is logged and completely traceable.

Our full in house service

Then we bring a team of professional cleaners in.  Who are well versed in making the difference. We will go into the premises and deliver a sparkling finish, getting the premises ready for market. Alternatively if the premises are in good state, you may elect to just giving it – The once over treatment.

Acquiring new tenants or buyers is a tough job for individuals, estate agents and private landlords alike. Similarly Housing Associations, also want presentable and clean homes to show prospective tenants. This is what separates you from the rest and will materialise in a successful sale or commitment to a new rental or occupancy contract in quick time.

When required, we can turn all of this around in quick time. If requested, it can be completed within 48 hours.

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Up until 2014 most of our work came from the four R’s. That means that over sixty percent of our clients came via a recommendation, a referral, they were repeat customers or regular users. These days, that’s no longer the case, of course we still hear from our previous clients and work for them. But now it’s different as more of us are getting tech savvy, so when we need something or some services, we end up reading reviews and that means the majority of our new clients are finding us because of our reviews.

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